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Viola Solo
Max Reger, Solo Suit in G minor

Igor Strawinsky, Elegie

Gottfried von Einem, Solo Sonata for Viola op. 60

Viola &Piano
Johannes Brahms, Sonata in F minor

Dimitri Shostakovitch, Sonata for Viola & Piano op. 147

Mikhail Glinka, Sonata für Viola & Piano


Viola and Orchestra

G. Ph. Telemann, Concerto for Viola & Orchester in G major

C. Ph. E. Bach, Concerto for Viola & Orchestera in C minor

A. Hoffmeister, Concerto in D major

W. A. Mozart, Sinfonia Concertante for Violin, Viola and Orchestra in E-flat major

Paul Hindemith, Concerto for Viola & Orchestera "Schwanendreher"

Bela Bartok, Concerto for Viola und Orchestra

Other Works: (Viola Solo/Viola & Piano/Viola with Orchestra)

Benjamin Britten, Lachrymae, Reflections on a Song of John Dowland for Viola & String Orchestra (or piano)

Henry Vieuxtemps, Elegie for Viola & Piano

Max Bruch, Romance for Viola & Orchestra


Orchestral repertoire (Conducting):

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Divertimenti, Symphonies Nr. 25 KV 183 in G minor, Nr. 38 KV 504 in D major, Nr. 40 KV 550 in G minor, Violin concertos

Franz Schubert, Symphony Nr. 5 D. 485 in B flat major

Ludwig van Beethoven, Symphony Nr. 1 in C major op. 21, Overture Coriolanus op. 62

Diverse works by Viennese composers such as Josef Lanner, Johann Strauss